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newDATA                                                                     EDITORIAL


                                                                  In  the  midst  of  this  period  of  rapid  and
         Any big or small hike
                                                               historic  change  is  DATA.  Never  so  much

         always starts with the                                attention  has  been  paid  to  data  or  its
                                                               importance so recognized.
         First step!
                                                                  Also,  there  has  never  been  a  higher
                                                               processing  and  computing  capacity  than
            We live in times in which innovation erupts        today. In 2020, in just one minute, 500 hours of
         from  all  quarters  of  society  and  economy,       video were uploaded to Youtube, 69,444 people

         novelty  is  present  in  our  daily  lives,  new     applied  for  jobs  on  LinkedIn  and  41,666,677
         technologies and disruption are in every corner       messages were sent on WhatsApp… just in a
         ... or maybe not.
                                                               minute…  ; these are only 3 statistics of many
            Despite  very  different  opinions  about  the     others as an example of the data generated by
         phenomenon  itself,  the  reality  is  that  the      the 4.9 billion Internet users that exist today .
         catalytic  dimension  that  this  catastrophe         At this rate, it is estimated that in 2025, 463
         brought with it was sufficient for a collective         exabytes  of  data  will  be  created  per  day

         and  generalized  bath  of  reality  on  the  silent   worldwide, which is equivalent to 212,765,957
         transformation and disruption that had been                          (3)
         experienced for several years, in silence, in very    DVDs per day!
         reserved contexts. Today we are experiencing             With newDATAmagazine Nº01 we take the
         much  more  of  a  “new  use  of  existing            first step towards what we hope to be, in the set

         technologies”  than  the  “emergence  of  new         of its many steps, a full of curiosity approach,
         technologies”,  although  many  continue  to          criticism, disruption, about everything that is
         think this way.                                       done on our planet that involves DATA..

            Any technological innovation starts with the          Welcome to the world of data!
         development of prototypes and contextualized
         applications, often in controlled environments,        Welcome to newDATAmagazine!
         showing  some  limitations.  However,  as

         science  advances,  the  period  between  “the
         idea” and “the application” is getting shorter                          Horácio Lopes
         and shorter.
                                                                                 Consultor de Gestão . Marketer
            It is also a fact that technologies such as                          Formador . Docente universitário
                                                                                 Editor newDATAmagazine
         Artificial  Intelligence,  Virtual  Reality  or                              Perfil | Profile
         Blockchain,  despite  existing  for  many  years

         now, have generated more results and found
         more  new  fields  of  application  in  the  more
         recent  years  than  in  the  beginning,  in          (1)
         alignment  with  Moore's  law.  The  speed  has       (3)

         been staggering!                                      much-data-is-generated-each-day-cf4bddf29f/

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